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“Every Function of the Human Body is Under The Direct Control of the Nervous System.”
Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, 29th Edition, page 4

Your body is a wonderful , self regulating, self healing, organism. Think about it! When you cut a finger or break a bone, it isn’t the Band-Aid or the cast that does the healing. You were born with an infinite “Inner Wisdom” programmed for optimal health and healing and this inner wisdom is housed by your nervous system. Your nervous system acts as the messenger from your brain to every cell, tissue and organ in your body and back to the brain. It sends billions of electrical impulses, back and forth, keeping your body in a state of optimal function, health and healing.

Pain and symptoms are simply the body’s warning signals that something is terribly wrong. Since only 10% of your nervous system is dedicated towards pain, months and years of nervous systems damage could occur before you realize there is a problem. Much like high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer, you could develop a state of malfunction and disease before your feel a symptom… often which can be fatal.

Medicine’s response to pain is usually pain killers, anti- inflammatories, or muscle relaxants. These all mask the symptoms, often leaving the cause untouched and leading to serious side effects or even death. Medical malpractice is the fifth leading cause  of death in North America after heart disease, cancer, alcohol, and smoking. Imagine the 24 moveable  vertebrae of the spinal column which house and protect your nervous system. Traumas such as gravity, car accidents, sports injuries, poor posture and the birth process can cause misalignments of your spinal vertebrae called subluxations. These subluxations interrupt vital nerve flow, the body’s “inner wisdom,” and thus your health potential. If subluxations are left uncorrected, then spinal decay, (Subluxation Degeneration) and years of unwanted health conditions can occur. Doctors of Chiropractic are the only trained professional to detect spinal subluxations, greatly inproving the body’s ability to heal to its full potential.