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Jill Larson, Certified Career & Life Coach,

Stress Reduction Specialist, Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher

Jill Larson Life Coach Sarasota

“My life’s purpose is to help people get well and stay well.”
 – Jill Larson

Jill is passionate about working with motivated people who are striving to make positive changes towards enriching their lives. She believes that all aspects of happiness and wellness revolve around the health of each person’s mind body and soul. She teaches groups and individuals how to achieve a “Positive Lifestyle.”

“If people focus on improving their mind, body and soul, happiness and harmony will become their best friend.” – Jill Larson

“When people have a healthy relationship with themselves and others, they can achieve endless possibilities.” – Jill Larson

Jill enjoys working with students, families, professionals, businesses owners, individuals and groups to discover new possibilities. She teaches people how to achieve SMART Goals and most of all how to be happy! Jill is dedicated to improving lives and works diligently to exceed her client’s expectations.

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Jill Larson’s Bio:

For more than 35 years, Jill has dedicated herself to enriching lives and fostering happiness and success for countless individuals. Alongside Dr. Larson, she’s extended Larson Natural Health Center’s holistic health services encompassing the mind, body, and spirit to over 100,000 patients.

Beginning her career in Environmental Consulting for the hospitality industry in the mid-1990s, Jill embarked on a transformative journey. In 1998, she founded Larson Chiropractic, followed by the establishment of Discover Chiropractic & Wellness Center in 2002. This commitment culminated in the formation of Natural Healing Arts of Sarasota in 2007. Eventually, in 2015, she and her husband, Dr. Eric Larson, rebranded their wellness center to Larson Natural Health Center, marking a significant evolution.

Jill’s ventures extend beyond chiropractic care. She initiated and produced The Wellness TV Show in Burlington, VT, a two-year endeavor that showcased her commitment to holistic wellness. Additionally, in 2001, she orchestrated a Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic, where nine chiropractors administered over 10,000 adjustments in just five days.

With an unyielding passion for holistic wellness spanning over three decades, Jill has pursued various certifications in leadership, coaching, reiki energy healing and education. She became a certified Master Energy Healing Practitioner through the International Center for Reiki. Her dedication led her to earn multiple coaching certifications, including Career and Life Coaching from The Life Purpose Institute, recognized by The International Coaching Federation. Furthermore, she holds certifications in Relationship Coaching and Intuitive Soul Coaching. As an Intuitive Soul Coach for Sedona Soul Adventures in Sedona AZ, Jill is specializing in guiding couples and individuals through transformative therapeutic retreats via Zoom. She is actively teaching stress reduction techniques that help people of all ages feel more joy and less anxiety, depression, and fear. Jill also teaches her clients how to meditate effectively.

Her educational journey continued as she obtained a certificate in Business and Leadership from the University of Vermont in 2005. Jill’s tenure at UBS Financial Services, Inc. for four years provided her invaluable expertise in wealth management, event planning, human resources, marketing, and client relationships. Leveraging her financial background, she aids life coaching clients in achieving financial wellness.

An accomplished author, Jill penned “Positive Solutions for Success – 45 Action Steps to Achieve Total Wellness in All Aspects of Life” in 2019. The following year, she co-authored a companion guide, the Positive Solutions for Success Curriculum Guide, tailored for educators. These books serve as pivotal tools in her life coaching sessions, public speaking engagements, and workshops, including her global teaching initiatives for high school students at Hoosac School, a renowned college prep boarding school in New York.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jill remains deeply involved in the Sarasota community. She actively engages in networking, curates’ diverse events like client appreciation days and wellness workshops, and hosts transformative retreats blending Reiki energy healing with personal and professional growth. Passionate about nurturing the younger generation, she dedicates time to tutoring and mentoring children, instilling in them a “Positive Lifestyle” and enhancing their “Life Skills.” Furthermore, she extends her generosity by volunteering as a big sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, fostering the growth and development of her mentee, Zimora.

Jill’s overarching mission and life’s purpose revolves around spreading peace, love, and joy to every corner of existence—touching the lives of people, places, and things in a profound and positive way.

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“I want to bring out the best in my clients. I want them to become the person or business that they have always wanted to be.”
– Jill Larson