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Sarasota Chiropractor Dr. Eric Larson will evaluate your current conditions and will recommend a structured chiropractic and wellness plan to alleviate your pain.

Eric Larson, Chiropractor

Dr Eric Larson and Jill Larson

Dr. Eric Larson is passionate about providing the highest quality chiropractic care in Sarasota, FL. He has been practicing Chiropractic for over 20 years and has been a massage therapist for 30 plus years. Larson Natural Health Center is Dr. Larson’s fourth wellness center. He and his wife, Jill Larson, opened their first Chiropractic clinic in 1998 and their second in 2003, and their third clinic in 2007.

He was graduated from the University of Vermont in 1986. Powered by vision and purpose, he began his career in the healing arts after graduating from The Humanities Center School of Massage. As a licensed massage therapist, Dr. Larson furthered his passion for public health by attending Life Chiropractic College. He traveled for ten years as the massage therapist and chiropractor for the Vermont based rock band PHISH.

Larson can help patients with posture correction, sports injuries, auto accident recovery and wellness education. He uses a wide variety of adjusting techniques for all ages. Rooted in the belief that health comes from within, chiropractic care addresses all health concerns by improving the overall function of the body. Migraines, Arthritis,  Asthma,  Allergies, Sciatica, Ear Infections, Childhood Colic, Back, Neck and Knee Pain are only a few “diseases” that Dr. Larson can help heal.

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Dr. Eric Larson, Chiropractor

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