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Reiki Energy Healing & Sound Therapy

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing in Sarasota

If you’re feeling sick, injured or have low energy, call Certified Master Reiki Energy Healing Teacher, Jill Larson at 941-363-6744 to recharge your health!

$60 / Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

What is Reiki Energy Healing?
Reiki is a relaxing yet powerful ancient Japanese technique that is used to promote physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing. Reiki reduces stress and improves overall well-being.

Why should I have a Reiki Energy Healing session?
To improve your health and your life.

How long will it take?
Each session is approximately 1 hour.

How will I feel after a Reiki Energy Healing session?
The purpose of Reiki is to promote healing. Usually people feel very relaxed and experience a feeling of stress reduction. Reiki has short-term and long-term healing effects.

How does Reiki Energy Healing work?
Reiki is a technique that channels healing energy to address symptoms.

When can I make a Reiki Energy Healing appointment?
NOW! Call 941-363-6744 to book your session. Jill has been trained by the International Center for Reiki.

You can receive Reiki at Larson Natural Health Center, 3560 S. Tuttle Ave. Sarasota, or in the comfort of your own home, or at the hospital.

Call Jill for a FREE consult today!

Reiki Energy Healing Testimonials

Great Session! Warming and soothing. Towards the end I felt a great sign of relief. Will be recommending to everyone.                                                 

– B.K.

First off thank you. I started to tear up writing this. I felt an overwhelming sense of relaxation and relief after todays session. I could feel the heat from your hands and the lavender set the stage for furthering my overall relaxation. I truly appreciate your time today! 

– S.B.

Jill, Thank you for a pleasant informative reiki session. Highlights for me were: your information, your calming technique. I definitely experienced a warmth in the targeted areas of my body…. Left knee, back, shoulders, and neck. Your talents were very much appreciated!                                       

– J.B

I experienced pain relief in my left arm. It had been giving me pain for about 48 hours. The pain was reduced by over 50%. I also experienced reduction in my anxiety level.   

– J.P.

Felt light & Airy. Felt Happy & Calm. Everything is one plane. Fell full of light, peace, & love.  

– P.R.

My experience…. Was lovely. I felt energy as I was dreamily floating in a waterfall. The energy moved through me head to toe and all around. I asked for cleansing and feel as though that happened. Thank you Jill!  

 – A.L.

I felt very relaxed and it came upon me quickly. It was subtitle but I thought I felt a movement of energy leave through my feet and, at another moment, through my midsection/belly. Thank you so much!    

– C.F.

I felt tingling in my legs & feet which I loved because I stand on my feet all day and they never get relief. I felt a “heart beat” pulse in my feet during the session

– L.L

Thank you for this session. I feel very calm and positive!   

– C.M.

Do you want to become a Reiki Energy Healing Master?

Learn how to give Reiki Energy Healing to yourself & others

Schedule your private or group class TODAY!

Reiki Energy Healing Level I & Level II Class for beginners
$250/Class (includes 1 Reiki Session)

Level I class is 4 hours
Level II class is 6 hours

Level I Class Outline:
History of Reiki Energy Healing
Healing benefits of Reiki Energy Healing
How Reiki Energy Healing works
Learn how to give Reiki Energy Healing to friends, family & Pets

Level II Class Outline:
Elements of a Reiki Energy Healing Session
Activating Reiki Energy Healing 
Using Distant Reiki Energy Healing
Becoming a Reiki Energy Healing Master
How to have a Reiki Energy Healing Business